Electronic emotional

It's Ours
Desert Nights

electronic Vocal Pop

We're Okay
Tell Me
When I'm With You
You Need

Hip Hop and R&B

Dark Days
Beat of My Heart
We Pray

Electronic Synth Driven 

UPlifting / reflective / inspiring

Run Away
You Know That I'm Leaving
Amber Gambler
Hell For Leather
Hand In Hand, Lets Go
Rest Then Rise
Sun Breaks Through
Dawn Is Near

Vocal / Strings / Classical

Joyus Quiet
Pulsing Wonderment
Quietly Questioning
The Requiem
RUN (november)

Themes and Cues

Complicated Podcast Theme
Buchalter Podcast Theme
Emotional Action Brass
Driving Strings Arpeggiating Melody 01_1
Amiss Axe Percussive Pulse

Sonic Branding MnemonicS

Tubi Mnemonic
Rubber Mnemonic
Rainstick Mnemonic
Classic Modern Mnemonic
Bell Dance Mnemonic
Synth Walk