Electronic emotional

It's Ours
One Step At A Time
Desert Nights

electronic Vocal Pop

We're Okay
Tell Me
When I'm With You
You Need

Hip Hop and R&B

Dark Days
Beat of My Heart
We Pray
We Got It Like This
All You Gotta Do
Sway With Me

UPlifting / reflective / inspiring

Electronic Synth Driven 

Hand In Hand, Lets Go
Rest Then Rise
Sun Breaks Through
Dawn Is Near
Run Away
You Know That I'm Leaving
Amber Gambler
Hell For Leather
RUN (november)

Vocal / Strings / Classical

Joyus Quiet
Pulsing Wonderment
Quietly Questioning
Wintry Wonder
The Requiem

Themes and Cues

Complicated Podcast Theme
Buchalter Podcast Theme
Emotional Action Brass
Driving Strings Arpeggiating Melody 01_1
Amiss Axe Percussive Pulse

Sonic Branding MnemonicS

Tubi Mnemonic
Rubber Mnemonic
Rainstick Mnemonic
Classic Modern Mnemonic
Bell Dance Mnemonic
Synth Walk