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Review of the first single TXT off the upcoming album CMPRSSN

In a response to a brutal year filled with death and love found and lost, I've set out to write a track per month that charts the story and the grief and growth. Excited to share some of the work, I've dropped the first single TXT. The astounding writer Hannah Park, recently chosen as Variety's "Future of Film", reviewed the track here:

"TXT is a lament made for and from the ear and the heart, the aural embodiment of a daydream rooted in longing. Jaeger harmonizes the natural and the synthetic in a world where a lost phone is a phantom limb, where we are all in constant connection (or wonderfully, per Jaeger, “in relation to the universe, we are all sleeping in the same room”). And when love lives across distance, tech becomes talismanic (and being offline, ominous). In TXT, silence is monstrous — the still phone, the stalling heart. Jaeger rails against silence with textured sounds: vocals morphing pitches, refrains crossing echoes, vibrant baseline carrying instruments in emotional polyphony (a plaintive horn, restless percussion, steady snaps, digital ephemera). Scattered arpeggios add to its wistfulness, chords breaking down in tandem. Form is content, and the felt result is a pensive, dreamy account of modern heartbreak in both voice and message. Jaeger sings — “who ever said there’s peace in quiet?” Here, there isn’t, but there is peace in being immersed in Jaeger’s raw intensity, one that moves and transports."

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