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Los Angeles Times Premieres the official SOLOW Music Video

LA Times' chief pop music critic, the ever brilliant Randall Roberts, premiered the first music video for the forthcoming album CMPRSSN today. I hand cut and place hundreds of my own vocal samples in each track and so, to match my process as a producer, I edited the film in the same way, moving and slicing dozens of frames of film to move in time with the audio. Check out what Randall Robert's wrote:

Hil Jaeger, “Solow” (Hil Jaeger). Beat producer Jaeger’s forthcoming album, “CMPRSSN,” was born in part of tragedy. After her brother-in-law died suddenly, Jaeger upended her life to help her sister raise her two young daughters. The album is the artistic product of that year, with each track on it representing a month in the process of grieving and recovering.

Jaeger, who studied music and technology at Cal Arts, uses her body as a sound source, messing with her voice, chopping and screwing beats and manipulating noises to create melody and rhythm. On the video for “Solow (April),” which The Times is premiering below, that tangle of synthesized noise is so overwhelming that it seems to occupy physical space.

Jaeger works her machines with the dexterity of an expert pianist — her primary instrument growing up — maneuvering fingers, hands and arms with a graceful urgency. On her Soundcloud page, Jaeger tags her music as “future R&B,” which aptly describes her approach. Her tracks aren’t four-on-the-floor house or techno stompers. Rather, they flicker like a flame on a window sill, steady but prone to wild fluctuations whenever wind arrives.

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