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//  Based: Oakland, CA
//  Genres: Avant Pop, Experimental Pop
//  Roles: producer + composer + beat maker + performer + vocalist + sound designer
// BFA Music Technology, CALARTS
// Currently pursuing MFA in Electronic Music and Recording Arts at MILLS College
//  Website:
// Instagram:
// Soundcloud:

Trained as a classical pianist and composer, Jaeger first reached success in the classical world, performing at Lincoln Center at age 17 before getting her hands on her first digital music software program. Diving deep into audio production, she took the classical practices she had dedicated herself to and applied it to her work as an electronic producer and performer. While studying Music Technology at California Institute of the Arts, she developed and built midi-interfaces and explored the boundaries between experimental and pop techniques. As a queer artist, her work explores the ideas of composing for specifically altered identities of her voice and fuses classical composition and arrangement with innovative audio production techniques that strive to queer genre and creates her unique brand of avant pop.


DJ Raul Campos debuted her track “Run (November)” on his afternoon show, with KCRW soon after featuring the track as “Today’s Top Tune.” The Los Angeles Times premiered her first music video for her single “Solow (April).” The video was entirely hand cut and edited by Jaeger herself, meant to reflect her specific practice of music making in which she cuts and slices hundreds of pieces of "digital" tape. Her single "Eating it's Way in" was featured in the SXSW Grand Jury Award winning film Fort Tilden.


Amidst producing and touring, Jaeger is currently pursuing a Master of Fine Arts in the renowned Electronic Music Program at Mills College.


Set List


Tech Rider



The LA TIMES premiered and featured Hil Jaeger's music video in February 2017.
Chief Pop Music Critic Randall Roberts wrote "Jaeger, who studied music and technology at CalArts, uses her body as a sound source, messing with her voice, chopping and screwing beats and manipulating noises to create melody and rhythm. On the video for “Solow (April),” which The Times is premiering below, that tangle of synthesized noise is so overwhelming that it seems to occupy physical space. Jaeger works her machines with the dexterity of an expert pianist — her primary instrument growing up — maneuvering fingers, hands and arms with a graceful urgency. On her Soundcloud page, Jaeger tags her music as “future R&B,” which aptly describes her approach. Her tracks aren’t four-on-the-floor house or techno stompers. Rather, they flicker like a flame on a window sill, steady but prone to wild fluctuations whenever wind arrives."   
Hil Jaeger featured in the Sunday LA Times print edition
KCRW’s Raul Campos debuted Jaeger's track “Run (November)” on his afternoon show. The following day Ariana Morgenstern of KCRW wrote  "welcome umcomprisming newcomer HIL JAEGER to the Avant Pop arena" and choose Jaeger's single RUN (november) as KCRW's TODAY's TOP TUNE The single was featured on heavy rotation on the the station and NPR affiliates. 
Hil Jaeger was nominated for The Deli Magazine's Artist of the Month. Coming in at the top of the polls, Jaeger won and was selected as San Francisco's Artist of the Month. She featured daily on the front page of the music magazine which is ranked as one of the top 15 most-read indie music blogs in the country with over 70k visitors monthly, 
In 2014, Hil Jaeger's ethereal, synth thumping track Eating It's Way In was featured in SXSW Grand Jury Prize winning Feature Film FORT TILDEN. The track is featured in Fort Tilden's cutting edge soundtrack.


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